We feel we have created the most functional and innovative tank on the market.  Our experience in the Float industry lead us to believe a better tank could be made.  We own Float Therapy in Marysville, CA.  This is a 3 room float center that has been open for a little over 2 years.  We have experienced all the highs and lows and learned the following key lessons along the way.  1. Heating mats are not reliable  2. Inline heaters are not practical for long floats. 3. Skimming is a form of torture. 4. skimming sucks.  5.  Did I mention I don't like skimming?  6.  Sediment is difficult to remove from the bottom of the tank.  7.  There is not enough oxygen introduced in the water.       8.  Active ventilation is crucial.      Below is our idea of the ideal filtration process.