California Float Concepts




The Orion Float Suite


Filtration  System Overview




   Our patent pending filtration system filters like an infinity pool rather than like a whirlpool.  Water enters through a custom made jet located at the bottom of the tub stirring any particles to the surface.  The water rises and falls through an opening at the end of the tub.  This ensures that anything floating on the surface is captured and ran through the dual filtration system. The days of worrying about whether your filter grabbed all the floating debris are over.



Features Overview



  • Panel walls are engineered with superior acoustic properties to dampen and deflect sound
  • Fully insulated interior providing optimum heat retention
  • Aesthetically pleasing large door for ease of entry
  • Unique functional grab bar for entering and exiting
  • Voice and App Controlled LED Lighting system          
  • Auto Salt Hopper (optional)
  • Galaxy Ceiling (optional)


  • In tank audio system
  • Patent pending heating system
  • Client to facilitator voice communication
  • Custom built dehumidifier to control humidity and temperature
  • Chemical auto dosers (fully customizable)
  • App controlled, Apple Ipad included  
  • Redundant system (2 pumps, 2 filters, 2 UV filters)



Starting at $30,000 USD