California Float Concepts




The Orion Float Suite


Filtration  System Overview




   Our patent pending filtration system filters like an infinity pool rather than like a whirlpool.  Water enters through precisely located jets at the bottom of the tub stirring particles to the surface to be skimmed away.  The water rises and falls through an opening at the end of the tub.  This ensures that anything floating on the surface is captured and ran through the dual filtration system. The days of worrying about whether your filter grabbed all the floating debris are over.



     Our filtration is like nothing on the market.  Not only do we skim the water like an infinity pool, catching all the hair and ear plugs within the Orion, but our actual filtration process is just as advanced.  Too many times at our float center have the pumps went out on our old tanks (we did not manufacture).  With this comes down time, canceled appointments, and lose of revenue.  We set out to make a system that is redundant so if a pump were to fail, you will still be in business.  Our system includes 2 pumps, 2 filters, 2 UV lights, an inline heater, and ozone ( If your health department allows).  We went into business to advance the float tank industry, and I think we've made huge advancements.



Features Overview



  • Panel walls are engineered with superior acoustic properties to dampen and deflect sound
  • Fully insulated interior providing optimum heat retention
  • Aesthetically pleasing large door for ease of entry
  • Unique functional grab bar for entering and exiting
  • Voice Controlled LED Lighting system        
  • Auto Salt Hopper (optional, available late 2017)
  • Galaxy Ceiling (optional)
  • Ozone (optional)


  • In tank audio system
  • Patent pending heating system
  • Client to facilitator voice communication
  • Custom built ventilation system to control humidity and temperature
  • 3 Chemical auto dosers (Dose in H202, Chlorine, Bromine, or anything else.)
  • All controlled from your lobby computer.  LCD screen on the actual Orion is also an additional option.
  • Redundant system (2 pumps, 2 1 micron filters, 2 UV filters) Completes 4 turn overs in 20 minutes.


How the Orion is controlled


Control System

The Orion includes web software that gives you the ability to see real time how our Orion is performing.  Some of the features include:

  *  PH levels

  *  Control Water Temperature

  *  Specific Gravity (Salt Content)

  *  Inside Orion Air Temperatures

  *  Inside Orion Humidity Levels

  *  Light control

  *  Music controls


Monitor Station

     To the left is our monitor station portion of our control system.  This page monitors the health of the computer that runs the Orion.  As you can see it is some valuable data.  Alarms are in place to notify you if a reading is out of range.


Our Orion Includes:

A beautiful designed float tank featuring our sound reduction design.  We put all the sound reducing techniques into our tank itself, so if you have to move one day you can take it with you.

2 pumps, 2 UVs, 2 1 Micron filters

Our unique heating source.

Inline heater for first fill ups and if the power ever goes out for long periods of time.  This is for emergency's only and not used day to day.

3 Chemical dosing pumps.

LED Light in the tank

Ozone on request (Some states do not allow ozone)

Software to control and monitor the float environment 

Transducer speakers for sound within the tank

Price $30k USD .... We also work with an amazing leasing company that offers payments of $595 a month!